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Dominic Dallaire, Andre Mathieu & Jean Le Prehon have been visiting the British Virgin Islands for the last 20 years, using Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour as safe storage for their boat Chimo, a 1986 53' Amel ketch.

Dominic first visited the BVI in 1983 and fell in love with the islands and the great sailing. In 1995 they decided to move their boat from St Maarten to Virgin Gorda to take advantage of the easy sailing conditions, good moorings and numerous restaurants that the BVI has to offer.

In 2002 they were visiting the BVI when hurricane Lili passed, they were very pleased to see everyone helping each other to secure their boats and property. The sense of community at the boatyard is bolstered by the excellent team working there, making it a very friendly place to stay.

The crew enjoy staying at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour's boatyard, which they say has been improving year on year are looking forward to the upcoming expansion. In the 20 years of storing the boat in the hurricane pits they have used all of the boatyard's numerous services, including mechanical, painting and woodwork, all of which was of excellent quality. They love the fact that they can stay and work on the boat themselves at the boatyard, and are very complimentary about the level of customer service they have received.

Chimo was launched on Friday 27th November and we at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour are looking forward to their return sometime in March.